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It is the dental area concerned with straightening teeth. Such treatment is done usually by using metal braces, clear braces or plastic.  The most obvious benefit of doing orthodontic treatment is having a beautiful smile which will boost your self-confidence.  During the treatment we want you to be very comfortable; Dr Abu-Shaban and staff will attend to your concerns in no time.

Root Canal Therapy:

Also known as endodontic treatment.  This is a procedure where a nerve inside the pulp and canals is removed. The canals are prepared both mechanically and chemically, this is followed by the filling of these canals. A root canal treated tooth becomes weak and brittle therefore it is recommended that a crown is placed to protect the tooth.  A cheaper option is to restore the tooth with an amalgam or a composite filling but you run the risk of future fractures to your tooth. This procedure often requires three appointments.

Crown and Bridge:

Crowns are caps or coverings that cover the entire tooth.   Crowns are recommended to protect teeth and prevent future fractures in root canal treated teeth or highly restored teeth.  It can also be used to mask a discoloured or deeply stained tooth. They are usually constructed from porcelain, metal or a combination of both.  The colour or shade of the crown is to match the natural teeth as much as possible.   Our staff will advise you on the most appropriate option. A bridge is a combination of several crowns used to replace a missing tooth or more, without the use of an implant or a denture. Basically it’s a tooth holding another to replace a missing one.