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Want to get a more attractive smile without having to go wear typical train-track braces? That’s exactly what ClearPath does for you. ClearPath has introduced a USFDA APPROVED breakthrough technology that revolutionises the way we can treat malocclusions (or imperfect positioning of one’s teeth when the jaws are closed). 

How Does ClearPath Work?

Simple. All you need to do is wear a series of wafer-thin removable aligners. These aligners are clear, transparent and designed to guide your teeth gently from their current positions to the desired positions. So instead of those sturdy metal wires and bulky brackets, ClearPath provides an alternative solution that doesn’t have to stand out or become an eyesore to your mouth.

How Safe is ClearPath technology?

Very safe and dependable. ClearPath has successfully undergone a series of clinical trials before being introduced for clinical use. These cases have proven to be highly successful in the correction of different types of malocclusions, including both mild and moderate conditions. It was given the green light for use in the US in 2008 after getting USFDA approval. 

Photo Credit: Invisalign” by mamamockingbird77 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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