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Inside your tooth, there is a hollow centre that contains what is known as pulp. This is the sensitive tissue which consists of nerves and blood vessels
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Let’s face it. The whiter your teeth are, the better they look for most people. However, you probably know by now that brushing every day or using whitening
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It’s easy to think that dentists and orthodontists are one and the same. But although their professions do overlap in several different ways, orthodontists cover
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Dentures are a reliable way of replacing your missing teeth. Keep on reading this page to get a better understanding of the different options that you’d have in terms of dentures
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Want to get a more attractive smile without having to go wear typical train-track braces? That’s exactly what ClearPath does for you. ClearPath has introduced..
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dentaservice dental dentist
dentaservice dental dentist

Mill Park is a North Melbourne suburb known for its peace and quiet and neighbourly spirit. Because of these rare qualities it is primarily populated by retirees and young families with kids. It offers its residents a refreshing suburban lifestyle at good value for money.

Value for money is something that Mill Park dentist prides itself on. We always strive to offer all of our services and treatments at the most affordable price possible. Some of our most popular services are those that offer prosthetic devices. These include the implementation of crowns and bridges and the creation of individualised dentures.

Gone are the days of looking in the mirror and feeling ashamed of your smile. With the use of these services you will be sure to want to flaunt your new and improved look. If you have missing or gapping teeth there is no need to fear, Dentaservice is here for you! With the implementation of our cosmetic prosthetic devices, you will be sure to experience a renewed sense of self at an extremely affordable price. 

Mill Park dentist is always working hard to ensure that our customers leave with something to smile about. Our large array of available treatments and services are the reasons that we can make a guarantee of customer satisfaction.

For more information about our vast array of services you can contact us here.

dentaservice dental dentist
dentaservice dental dentist
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