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What is an Orthodontist?

It’s easy to think that dentists and orthodontists are one and the same. But although their professions do overlap in several different ways, orthodontists cover a more specific and specialised field. 

An orthodontist is well-trained for treating and diagnosing dental or facial irregularities. As an expert in both dental development and facial growth, they know exactly what to do when it comes to individual cases of crooked teeth, a misaligned jaw or a bad bite. That means they aren’t just concerned with developing braces and straightening patients’ teeth. They also have to figure out how to remedy tooth movements, painful bites as well as certain types of sleep apnoea. Typically, such treatments that they perform involve the use of metal braces, clear braces or plastic.

Why Should You See an Orthodontist?

The most obvious benefit of doing orthodontic treatment is having a beautiful smile to show off. Don’t underestimate how contagious a nice smile can be. By being able to smile naturally, and without a tendency to hold back due to the way your teeth appear, others would be more drawn to you. Others would find you more attractive. And such newfound attention would definitely give your self-confidence a real boost.

During the treatment itself, we will ensure that you’ll be as comfortable as possible. We certainly want to earn your trust, as we know how wearing braces requires both patience and the willingness to endure some degree of pain. That is why Dr Abu-Shaban and staff won’t hesitate in attending to all your concerns before, during and after the procedure.

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