How to Keep your Kids Teeth Safe Playing Sport

Sports mouthguards

Wearing a mouthguard while playing sports assists in minimising damage to the face, jaw and mouth when accidents happen in sports. Many of our kids love sports – whether it’s AFL, rugby, soccer, hockey or basketball – but this also poses a risk to injuries to the mouth. Even accidental hits from elbows in low impact sport can result in facial injuries. 

According to the Australian Dental Association, sports-related accidents account for almost one-third of traumatic injuries to teeth. Protecting your children with a custom-fitted sports mouthguard helps absorb and disperse the blow of an accident to your kid’s face which would otherwise cause trauma to teeth, gums or lips. 

Sporting risks and how a mouthguard can help

Accidents in sports are common. Injuries can include loss or chipping of teeth, jaw injuries or trauma to gums and lips. 

Wearing a custom-fitted mouthguard when your child plays or trains can assist in preventing these injuries. When there’s direct contact with the mouth area, the force of the impact can travel through your child’s jaw and teeth, causing trauma or even concussion. This is where mouthguards come in – to act as a buffer. The material of the mouthguard cushions the teeth, jaw and surrounding area by absorbing some of the shock of the impact, lessening the force of accidents to your kids face. 

Which sports mouthguard is right for my kid?

Over-the-counter sports mouth guards (or bill-and-bite) provide limited protection for your kid. They often don’t fit well and are uncomfortable to wear. Although the initial price may be less, they only provide limited teeth protection which may end up costing more for teeth repairs! However, if this is the only option for you it is still better than no protection. 

On the other hand, sports custom-fitted mouthguards provide maximum protection because of their superior fit. At Dentaservices we will take impressions of your child’s mouth and make a plaster model. This will ensure that the mouthguard provides the best protection for your kid’s teeth and fits snug on their individual teeth. Other benefits include: 

  • Allows your kids to breathe easy, fitting snug in their mouth 
  • The mouthguard is at least 4mm thick. 

How much do mouthguards cost?

$190-$300*. Fortunately, many private health insurers will cover the cost of custom-made mouth-guards as a part of dental coverage.

Caring for a mouthguard

  • Mouthguards should be rinsed with cold water after use. You can also use mouthwash to clean it.
  • They should be stored away from direct heat (as extreme temperature can affect its shape) in the mouthguard box
  • Periodically check the mouthguard when you come to the dentist as kids mouth and teeth grow rapidly 

What if my kid has braces?

No worries – we can work around them! Custom-made mouthguards can be made to fit around braces or plates.

What if my child still has their baby teeth?

Baby teeth hold and guide adult teeth into the correct position so we need to ensure that they are still protected! 

If you’re looking for custom-fitted sports mouthguards, contact Dentaservice on (03) 9401 2120.