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At Dentaservice, we are committed to providing top-tier dental care, especially when it comes to dental fillings. Nestled in the heart of Epping, our clinic is renowned for offering personalised, effective, and pain-free tooth-filling solutions.

We understand that each patient is unique, and so is their dental health. Our highly qualified team employs a tailored approach, ensuring each filling is customised to fit the individual needs and comfort levels of our patients. We utilise cutting-edge technology and the latest techniques to ensure precision, comfort, and effectiveness, making us the preferred choice for dental fillings in Melbourne’s Outer Northern Suburbs.

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    Why Choose Dentaservice?

    Choosing Dentaservice means opting for excellence, empathy, and unparalleled expertise. Our dental professionals are adept at creating a relaxing and comfortable environment for every patient, making us the preferred choice for tooth-filling procedures for Epping locals and its surroundings. We take pride in our transparent and consultative approach to both general dental and cosmetic dental procedures. Our commitment to using mercury-free, biocompatible materials underscores our dedication to your overall health and well-being.


    With affordability in mind, receive excellent dental care for all your general, cosmetic, and special needs.


    Our dental clinic has the latest technological equipment to ensure the highest quality care for your perfect smile.


    Our dental practice offers a comprehensive team of dental professionals for your best possible care.


    We offer a calming and welcoming dental experience, with compassion and comfort as our top priority.

    How Do Dental Fillings Work?

    At Dentaservice, we offer a variety of dental filling options to cater to the diverse needs of our patients. The process begins with a comprehensive oral examination, where our skilled dentists employ cutting-edge diagnostic tools to assess the extent of decay. The affected tooth is then prepared, with the decayed material gently removed and the area thoroughly cleaned to eliminate bacteria and debris. Depending on the extent of the decay and the patient’s preference, we offer composite resin fillings, gold, glass, and porcelain. Our composite resin fillings are particularly popular for their aesthetic appeal, as they blend seamlessly with the natural colour of the teeth, offering both functionality and a beautiful smile. Amalgam fillings, though less aesthetic, are known for their durability and strength. Porcelain fillings offer a balance of aesthetics and strength, while gold fillings, though visible, are highly durable and well-tolerated by gum tissues.

    The choice of filling material is applied, shaped, and polished to restore the tooth’s structure and aesthetics. Each step is carried out with the utmost care, ensuring the patient’s comfort and safety. Post-treatment, our team provides tailored aftercare advice to promote healing and maintain the integrity of the filling.

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      Key Benefits of Dental Fillings

      Dental fillings are essential for individuals experiencing tooth decay, cavities, or damage to their teeth due to various reasons. The primary benefit of getting a tooth filling is the prevention of further decay by closing off spaces where bacteria can enter. For larger areas of decay, particularly when the infection has reached the pulp, we may opt for a root canal treatment instead.

      Our fillings are not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing, restoring the natural look and feel of your teeth. At Dentaservice, we ensure that the materials used are biocompatible and tailored to each patient’s needs, ensuring safety, durability, and optimal oral health.

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      Nestled in the heart of Epping on Childs Rd, Dentaservice has been a beacon of premium dental care for years, serving the communities of Epping, Mill Park, South Morang, and beyond in Melbourne’s outer northern suburbs. Our esteemed establishment is conveniently situated just a brief stroll from both Epping and Lalor railway stations, making us easily accessible. South Morang and Thomastown are also just a stone’s throw away.

      Visit Dentaservice today. Your journey to impeccable oral health and a radiant smile begins with us!

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        Dental & Tooth Filling FAQs

        Questions about dental fillings in Epping? No problem. Here are the most commonly asked questions our dentists receive.

        What are dental fillings?

        Dental fillings are restorative materials used to repair teeth affected by decay, cavities, or minor damage. The process involves removing the decayed or damaged portion of the tooth and filling the space with materials like composite resin, amalgam, gold, or porcelain. Fillings restore the tooth’s structure, function, and appearance, preventing further decay and damage. At Dentaservice, we offer a range of filling options, each tailored to meet individual needs, ensuring both the restoration of oral health and aesthetic preferences of our patients.

        How long will the dental filling process take?

        The duration of the dental filling process can vary, typically taking less than an hour, which is quite beneficial in case of a dental emergency. Factors influencing the time include the size and location of the cavity, as well as the type of filling material being used. At Dentaservice, we ensure efficiency while prioritising the quality of care, ensuring that each filling is meticulously applied to offer long-lasting results and optimal functionality.

        How long do fillings last?

        Fillings can last for many years, with composite fillings typically lasting around 7 years. The longevity of a filling depends on various factors including the material used, the patient’s oral hygiene practices, and regular dental check-ups. At Dentaservice, we use high-quality, durable materials and provide guidance on maintenance to enhance the lifespan of your fillings.

        Do dental filling procedures hurt?

        At Dentaservice, patient comfort is a top priority. The area being treated is numbed with local anaesthesia to ensure a virtually pain-free experience. Our skilled dentists employ gentle techniques, and post-procedure discomfort is minimal, with patients typically resuming normal activities shortly after.

        How do I care for my fillings?

        Caring for fillings involves regular oral hygiene practices like brushing and flossing. Avoiding excessive pressure or temperature extremes can prevent damage. Regular dental check-ups at Dentaservice allow for professional cleaning and examination to ensure the fillings remain in optimal condition.

        Can children get dental fillings?

        Yes, children can and often do receive dental fillings to address cavities or tooth decay. At Dentaservice, we provide a child-friendly environment and gentle care to ensure the comfort and safety of our younger patients. Our team offers guidance to parents on preventive measures to minimise the risk of future cavities.

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