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Inside your tooth, there is a hollow centre that contains what is known as pulp. This is the sensitive tissue which consists of nerves and blood vessels providing nutrients and oxygen to the tooth. So this pulp can be found all throughout your tooth, and the space where pulp rests in the root is known as a root canal.

Why Would You Need a Root Canal Treatment?

What root canal treatment (also known as endodontic treatment) does is insert a filling to replace pulp that has been damaged in your tooth’s root canal. If any of your teeth have roots which contain infected pulp, or if an abscess has formed in the pulp, chances are you might need treatment. 

The pulp infection or damage could possibly be a result of dental decay, and that’s something you cannot leave untreated. Other causes include gum disease, tooth grinding or tooth damage. So as far as your oral health is concerned, the conditions of the pulp surrounding your teeth are a good indicator of any problems that must be addressed as soon as possible.

Regarding the procedure, a root canal is prepared both mechanically and chemically. This is followed by the filling of these canals. Afterwards, the tooth with a treated root canal can become weak and brittle, so therefore, it is recommended to have a crown placed in order to protect the tooth. A cheaper option is to restore the tooth with an amalgam or a composite filling, but this means you run the risk of future fractures to your tooth. 

Note: entire procedure often requires a total of three appointments.

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