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It’s easy to think that our Epping orthodontics and dentists are one and the same. Although their professions overlap in several ways, it’s important to note that our general dentists only perform certain orthodontics practices within the specialised field.

At Dentaservice, our dentists are experienced with orthodontics for kids’ dental health, teenagers and adults by correcting crooked or misaligned teeth at any stage of a patient’s life.

If you’re concerned that your crooked or misaligned teeth are negatively affecting your dental health, enquire and book an appointment with Dentaservice today. Call us at (03) 9401 2120 for our Epping orthodontics consultation.

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    Why Choose Dentaservice?

    Whether you’re looking to get fitted for dental braces in Epping, are looking to extract protruding teeth, or are simply seeking answers for any potential cases of malocclusion, our dental team at Dentaservice is equipped with all the necessary tools, experience, and expertise to help and advise.

    Our orthodontics procedures are performed by our local dentists to develop a treatment plan that’s tailor-made for your dental health. We take pride in our transparent and consultative approach to both general dental and cosmetic dental procedures. With just one or two preliminary consultations and dental scans, you can be well on your way to enjoying a healthier smile with our dental orthodontics in Epping.


    With affordability in mind, receive excellent dental care for all your general, cosmetic, and special needs.


    Our dental clinic has the latest technological equipment to ensure the highest quality care for your perfect smile.


    Our dental practice offers a comprehensive team of dental professionals for your best possible care.


    We offer a calming and welcoming dental experience, with compassion and comfort as our top priority.

    What To Expect In Your Epping Orthodontics Appointment?

    At Dentaservice, we strive to make sure that securing orthodontics treatments is a simple and accessible process for all of our patients across Epping and Melbourne’s northern suburbs. So, what to expect when organising your first orthodontics appointment at our Epping dental clinic, here’s a nifty step-by-step guide to help lead you into our examination chair.

    • Step 1 – Call Dentaservice to book an appointment with our skilled dentists.
    • Step 2 – Attend your appointment.
    • Step 3 – Sit through your preliminary teeth examination and discuss any potential concerns you may have with your trusted local dentist.

    Diagnosing orthodontic concerns usually involves a physical examination of your teeth as well as taking scans, impressions or even x-rays of your teeth and jaw wherever they may be required.

    Rest assured, Dr Ghassan Abu-Shaban and his stellar team of practitioners will always point you in the right direction with every dental appointment – whether you’re coming in for teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, or teeth straightening!

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      Get the smile that you deserve

      What Are The Benefits Of Dental Orthodontics?

      To understand all the benefits of dental orthodontics, it’s important to know just how crooked or misaligned teeth can impact both your dental and general health in the long term.

      Here are just some of the more common dental problems associated with crooked or misaligned teeth (also known as ‘malocclusion’):

      • Crooked, crowded, or overlapping teeth can cause tooth decay or gum disease if left untreated
      • Teeth that protrude are more likely to be injured or experience trauma during sports or in accidents
      • Teeth that don’t make contact with opposite teeth could instead dig into the gums, causing injury or further damage
      • Overbites or underbites can lead to advanced wear and tear from chewing due to uneven pressure on teeth
      • Teeth that don’t make contact or gaps between teeth can result in air entering the mouth, leading to excessive mouth dryness

      Securing orthodontic treatments can help correct all of these common dental issues, helping you stay in good overall health over the course of your life.

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      Situated in the heart of Epping on Childs Rd, Dentaservice is renowned for its exceptional dental care, serving not only Epping but also Mill Park, South Morang, and other nearby communities in Melbourne’s outer northern suburbs. Our well-regarded clinic is conveniently located, just a brief walk from Epping and Lalor train stations, ensuring effortless accessibility. Areas like South Morang and Thomastown are also just a short distance away.

      Step into Dentaservice at 90 Childs Rd, Epping, 3076, to properly align your teeth with our basic Epping orthodontics treatment.

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        Dental Orthodontic FAQs

        Questions about Orthodontics? No problem. Here are the most commonly asked questions our dentists receive.

        What is orthodontics?

        Orthodontics is a specialised dentist who is trained in orthodontic treatments, these being treatments that correct crooked or misaligned teeth. This practice enhances oral function and aesthetics, leading to a healthier, more balanced smile. Our dentists at Dentaservice, are typically who you’ll see to be fitted for dental braces or clear aligners. Because of this, many of us will likely have our first orthodontics appointment during early childhood.

        Are dental implants orthodontics?

        Dental implants are not classified as orthodontics. While orthodontics at Dentaservice deals with aligning teeth and jaws, these types of implants replace missing teeth, serving a different purpose in dental health.

        Can a general dentist do orthodontics?

        General dentists can perform basic orthodontic treatments; however, complex cases require the expertise of an orthodontist. At Dentaservice, our general practitioners have extensive training and experience with basic orthodontic treatments to deliver optimal results.

        Are braces orthodontic treatment?

        Yes, braces are a key component of orthodontic treatment. They effectively correct teeth alignment, offering a vital solution for achieving a straighter, healthier smile.