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Transform Your Smile with Dental Veneers in Epping

Are you thinking about getting dental veneers for a more uniform smile? It’s a common misconception that everyone naturally has perfect teeth. For those suffering from chipped, cracked, stained or misaligned teeth, many seek dental veneers to enhance their smile’s appearance.

Dental veneers provide our patients with the opportunity to enjoy a straight and stunning smile. Our high quality dental veneers are thin, custom-made shells designed to cover the front surface of teeth, improving their appearance and correcting imperfections.

With decades of experience providing dental crowns and bridges to using dental implants, you can give damaged teeth new life with our dental veneer treatments. Our dental practitioners at Dentaservice are the trusted professionals of choice for many patients living across Epping and Melbourne’s outer northern suburbs. Contact us, visit our clinic or call us at (03) 9401 2120 to book your next dental appointment for dental veneers in Epping today.

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    Why Choose Dentaservice?

    With our highly qualified team of dentists and partnering prosthodontists, Dentaservice is the leading dental clinic for those looking to secure dental veneers in Epping. Our clinic is open 6 days a week, with our practitioners being available until late on weekdays for after-office-hours procedures.

    We also operate under the belief that everyone deserves the right to access quality general dental and cosmetic dental solutions. Because of this, our dental veneer treatments are available at competitive costs without having to sacrifice quality.

    At Dentaservice, we provide our wide-ranging services to Epping and surrounding suburbs across Melbourne’s outer north. Drop in at our dental clinic to talk to our friendly, empathetic dental experts and learn more about our dental veneer treatments, provided to you with only the most up-to-date methodologies and industry-leading dental technologies.


    With affordability in mind, receive excellent dental care for all your general, cosmetic, and special needs.


    Our dental clinic has the latest technological equipment to ensure the highest quality care for your perfect smile.


    Our dental practice offers a comprehensive team of dental professionals for your best possible care.


    We offer a calming and welcoming dental experience, with compassion and comfort as our top priority.

    What To Expect From Your Dental Veneers Epping Appointment

    When looking to secure dental veneers from our clinic in Epping, you can expect to book two different appointments: your preliminary consultation and your procedural appointment. Your preliminary consultation will involve:

    1. A general consultation where your dentist discusses what results you’d like to see from your dental veneers treatment.
    2. Taking x-rays, moulds, and scans of teeth.
    3. Taking impressions of teeth to send off to prosthodontic laboratories (for the fabrication of your dental veneers).
    4. Preparing teeth for veneer application by removing ~1 mm of tooth enamel
    5. Fitting a temporary set of veneers (for those securing porcelain veneers at a secondary procedural appointment).

    If you’re securing composite resin dental veneers, then you may be able to receive your veneers in one appointment as these more affordable materials can be moulded with ease and thus, require less tooth preparation. However, if you’re after porcelain veneers, your veneers will require more stringent production procedures to ensure that they are perfectly shaped to fit your teeth.

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      Get the smile that you deserve

      What are the Benefits of Dental Veneers?

      Cosmetic dental veneers offer our dental patients a range of benefits, including but not limited to the opportunity to enjoy a scintillatingly white smile without even having to book in a teeth whitening appointment. Although whitening may be valuable for lightly stained teeth, teeth with heavier, set-in stains may not respond as well to whitening services. Similarly, an excessive whitening solution bears risks of damaging teeth or resulting in teeth sensitivity. In this case, securing dental veneers can be a safer, more effective, and more affordable treatment option over repeat rounds.

      Other benefits of dental veneers include:

      • Effective treatment for visually correcting misaligned teeth
      • Effective treatment for visually correcting diastema (gaps in teeth)
      • Providing the ability to change the shape of your teeth and smile
      • Allowing dental patients to visually correct chipped or cracked teeth
      • Allowing dental patients to keep their natural teeth rather than having to secure full or partial dentures
      • Offering a long-term solution to tooth staining or discolouration
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      Nestled in the heart of Epping on Childs Rd, Dentaservice has long been a cornerstone of exceptional dental care for the Epping community and its neighbours in Mill Park, South Morang, and other nearby locales in Melbourne’s outer northern suburbs. Conveniently accessible, we are a mere 10-minute stroll from both Epping and Lalor railway stations, and just a hop, skip, and a jump from South Morang and Thomastown.

      Visit Dentaservice at 90 Childs Rd, Epping, 3076 to secure any of our range of dental treatments today.

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        Dental Veneers FAQs

        Questions about dental veneers? No problem. Here are the most commonly asked questions our dentists receive.

        What are dental veneers?

        Dental veneers are thin, custom-made shell-like covers that are designed to bond to the front face of a tooth, effectively covering up superficial flaws in your natural teeth (i.e. stains or discolouration, misshapen teeth, gaps in teeth, and chips in your tooth enamel). Made from porcelain or resin-composite materials, veneers are tailored to match the natural colour of your teeth. The process is minimally invasive and can significantly improve the appearance of your teeth, giving you a more confident, radiant smile.

        Dental veneers are an ideal treatment for correcting a variety of common dental issues, including:

        • Discoloured teeth
        • Misshapen teeth
        • Diastema (gaps in teeth)
        • Chips in tooth enamel
        • Misalignments in teeth (sometimes known as an alternative to clear aligners)

        How much are dental veneers?

        At Dentaservice, the cost of dental veneers varies depending on individual needs and the type of veneers chosen. Generally, porcelain veneers, known for their durability and natural appearance, might be a bit more expensive than resin-composite veneers. The costs of your porcelain dental veneers will vary depending on the number of porcelain veneers you will need to produce, as well as the costs of production for your dental clinic.

        Thankfully, Dentaservice works with a talented team of dedicated prosthodontists who are capable of producing high-quality dental veneers. This allows us to provide veneers and a range of our other cosmetic dentistry services, at lower costs compared to other local dentists.

        When securing dental veneers at our Epping dental clinic, our dentists will be able to provide you with a cost estimate based on your preliminary consultation and examination. You can also email us at for more information on our dental veneers and the general costs of this service.

        Are dental veneers safe?

        When properly applied and cared for, dental veneers are a perfectly safe cosmetic treatment that can be used to correct a wide range of superficial flaws. However, like most other dental procedures, your dental veneers will need to be cared for to ensure that they can perform at their best and can be enjoyed for the duration of their usable lifespan.

        You can care for your dental veneers by:

        • Brushing at least twice daily
        • Flossing regularly and per your dentist’s recommendations
        • Consuming hard/crunchy, and high-acidity or high-sugar foods and drinks in moderation
        • Wearing a fitted mouth guard if you grind your teeth

        How long do dental veneers last?

        Dental veneers are typically made out of porcelain or a composite resin, like dental crowns. Porcelain dental veneers are considered to be longer lasting and more stain-resistant than composite resin dental veneers, with the former lasting upwards of 10-15 years with proper care, and the latter lasting for around 5-7 years before replacement veneers may be required.

        The lifespan of your veneers greatly depends on how well you take care of them. Good oral hygiene practices, avoiding excessive force or biting hard objects, and regular dental check-ups are crucial for maintaining your veneers.

        Remember, regular visits to our clinic can help prolong the life of your veneers, ensuring your investment continues to enhance your smile year after year.

        Are dental veneers permanent?

        Dental veneers are designed to bond permanently to the outer surface of your teeth. Whilst dental veneers can be removed, this can only be done by physically grinding down the surface of your dental veneers to facilitate a safe removal that results in the least damage to your natural teeth.

        Can dental veneers be removed?

        Although dental veneers can be removed, the process of removal does involve grinding down the veneer, which also requires your natural teeth to be subjected to these grinding tools. As a result, your natural teeth and enamel may become permanently altered following the removal of your dental veneers.

        Because of this, most dentists advise against removing dental veneers and instead recommend that their patients care for their veneers correctly in order to extend their usable lifespan. Once your dental veneers do require reapplication or restoration, your dentist can work with you to provide new dental veneers to refresh your smile from there.

        Is there an age limit for dental veneers?

        Although there is no specific age limit to be a suitable candidate for dental veneer treatments, most dentists won’t recommend this cosmetic solution for children’s teeth under the age of 10-13, as their teeth and jaws may still be developing. In some cases, however, teenagers may be suitable candidates for dental veneer treatments. For instance, teeth damaged in a sporting or motor accident could be treated by applying composite resin or porcelain dental veneers.