how long do dental implants last
How Long Do Dental Implants Last? 6 Informative Factors To Consider
Dental implants are a replacement for tooth roots. They are metal screw-like posts surgically inserted into the jawbone below the gum line. These posts provide a strong foundation on which artificial teeth (crowns) are mounted. Dental implants are made of
What Happens To Your Teeth As You Age
What Happens To Your Teeth As You Age?
Time and again, you hear about the importance of dental hygiene. Dental health not only impacts your teeth but your overall well-being too. So, the age-old question arises, what happens to your teeth as you age? This becomes even more
Digital Dental Radiography Explained

At Dentaservice, we provide various dental treatments such as root canal, teeth whitening and orthodontics amongst others. These services are most often accompanied by dental radiography – x-rays – to aid with diagnosis and treatment decisions. It is a common

person smiling with teeth whitening
All About Teeth Whitening

Are you looking to improve the look of your smile? Have you thought about whitening your teeth but did not know much about where to start or how it works? If you answered Yes, then this blog post is for